name of the band:

Amanda X


Cat Park, Kat Bean, Tiff Yoon


27, 26, 27

band started:

one year ago

where are you from:


instruments you use:

Standard power trio set up, Guitar, Bass, Drums

style of music:

Grungy Pop

band herstory:

It was Spring 2012. The warehouse that we live in was booming with new music projects. Everything was new. Kat Bean appeared out of nowhere and was incredibly enthusiastic about wanting to play music. I wanted to start a new band for a while, so i figured of course i′ll take this on. Kat had never picked up a guitar and Tiff had just started kicking drums around. I had not played guitar in a band for a very long time. Bass was my go to rock machine. So we were all very new. Everything was exciting (and still is) we learned from each other and grew into what we are today... a slightly better version of what we were a year ago ( just kidding). 

what’s your message?

However timid you may be, just go for it. Nobody cares about how dumb you look, how many times you mess up, how nervous you are. If you can′t play a guitar solo, do it anyway, you will not regret it. If you can′t play drums, you should probably start today then tomorrow you′ll be slightly better. I don′t care how old you are you don′t have to be 16 to start a band or learn an instrument. If you want to play bass, stop talking about it and do it. Stop watching your friends play, your boyfriends play, your girlfriends play and pick up a god damn instrument and do it yourself.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

We play a ton of shows. Last night we played at one of our favorite bar venues in our neighborhood called Johnny Brenda′s with Hurry and Neighbors. We enjoy house shows too. Nothing beats the sound of a beautiful dirty punk basement with ungrounded electricity, shotty cables, and mics that smell like the last singers butt.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played?

We played a show in Harrisonburg, VA with Death Cassettes at crayola house. They so cleverly dubbed the show ladies night. The deal was, you couldn′t get into the show unless you were wearing a dress. It was fun to see all the JMU dudes stepping out of their element and into some pantyhose. Some of them were even wearing our clothes... and makeup... and stockings. I believe the show went to like 4am. They know how to do it right. The next night we played in D.C. at an equally great show where some of the dudes wore dresses just because they were awesome.

what was the worst and why?

Our first show in Boston, which was our third show ever, was a funny one. It was by no means terrible. There were a ton of people there, an awesome sludgy all girl three piece band called dream warrior played. We were just new & green. I played with no pedals, we shared a mic. I think at one point Kat just started screaming the lyrics because she was so frustrated. We are definitely not a screamy band.

what are your future plans?

Releasing our first full length, Amnesia!!! We are sooooo close to being finished with recording. It′s leaps and bounds from our ep. I am so proud of Kat and Tiff. They seriously rip now, like it kills me. We are also planning a Canada/ Midwest tour in May to play Pouzza Fest in Montreal. I would love love love to tour California. So if anybody wants to bring us out there, Hi.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

I would like to think that we can come up with a clever combination of both. I′d love to get the record out there. I′m already super proud of it and would want for you/ the world to hear it.

your 3 favorite bands:

The Replacements, The Beatles, Devo

your 3 favorite colors:

Sea Foam Green, Salmon Pink, olive green.

your 3 favorite dishes:


your 3 favorite movies:

Alien, Friday the 13th, Leon the Professional.

your 3 favorite books:

Catcher in the Rye

your 3 favorite records:

The Minutemen- Double Nickels on the Dime. Black Sabbath- Paranoid. The Ramones- Road to Ruin

your 3 favorite venues:

Golden Tea House in Philadelphia is super comfortable. You play in their kitchen. The formatting of the house is really unique and they have shows almost everynight. It′s become a big staple in the Philadelphia music scene.

The Trocadero in philadelphia - I know it′s run by the big guns or whatever, but it holds a lot of awesome memories. The fact that it used to be an old school strip club is also kind of neat. The layout is kind of awesome. Its a big circle with two steps enclosing it. with a balcony wrapping around. its oddly pretty.

Not sure if this place even had a name... but on a past tour with Bandname/ Algernon Cadwallader we played in Athens, Georgia in a Coffee Roastery on giants bags of beans, the audience sat on the stacks of beans. The acoustics were terrible but the experience was surreal. The Phillies lost the World Series that night which added to the strangeness.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

Watching wrestling, reading comics, drawing

your favorite joke:

What′s brown and reallly reallllllllly sticky???

your 3 favorite animals:

Dogs, particularly pit bulls, giraffes, boys

3 things you totally need on stage:

My rock box, my shoes to the side of my amp, my band

3 wishes:

the worlds biggest piece of pizza, a G&L asat classic, to go on a west coast tour followed immediately by a euro tour.

what do you fight?

Winter in Philadelphia is pretty upsetting to me, as i mentioned before, i live in a warehouse without heat ( we have space heaters). Our Olive oil freezes. A lot of music gets written in the winter though because i never want to leave my room.

what’s your best song eva and why?:

So far I really enjoy Parsnip. It′s simple and rewarding to play live. Its the first song that Kat fully wrote, in that way its special. Overall its super fun to play. I can not think about it and just move around and look dumb. 


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