name of the band:



Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton


of the band? 7 years old! Of us? 28 and 27s

band started:

July 2006

where are you from:

Minneapolis, MN

instruments you use:

Bass, Drums, Vocals

style of music:

Thrash Pop

band herstory:

Corrie and Laura went to high school together and had played in a number of bands- we wanted to start a really gross, really heavy L7-type band where Corrie would play drums, which she had never done before. We met Liz shortly after moving to Minneapolis through going to punk shows and one day we just asked her if she wanted to sing in a band with us and she said yes! We never really wrote those heavy songs we planned on, and from the beginning just started to write bratty, super-simple short-n-fast punk songs. This mostly arose from the fact that Corrie was learning how to play drums and we were all writing in a pretty narrow parameter of experience. But that sound stuck and now we are still here 7 years later still writing bratty fast punk songs!

what’s your message?

Women and animals first.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

We do a lot of instrument switching and try to keep the energy up- it’s the worst waiting for a band to readjust, tune, etc. For people that haven’t seen us before it’s kind of a fun surprise because we write these transitions into songs, so while we’re playing and singing we will start handing the bass over and running around the stage. We also like to decorate for special shows, our recent record release had streamers and balloons everywhere.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played?

When we first started Kitten Forever, we all lived in a punk house together called "the Pocketknife". When it closed down a few years later, we of course played the last show at the house. It was totally crazy because all our friends were there, and people who had been coming to shows at our house for years, and the vibe was so great! Everyone was there to celebrate and have a good time and say goodbye to this big part of our lives. There was a strobe light and it was so hot in the basement but also totally unforgettable!
Here is a link to some footage of that show

what was the worst and why?

We played a show in San Francisco this summer where the audience just stared at us the whole time and barely even applauded but never left! They stayed and watched the whole show without any expression. Then when we were done the artist after us peed on the cords we borrowed them :(

what are your future plans?

We’re probably going to go on another tour in the spring or summer and work on writing new material! We’re also trying to make a music video where we are playing in a rollerskating rink. I don’t think any of us can really rollerskate though.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

DIY or die!

your 3 favorite bands:

We can‘t pick three! Here are some bands we had fun playing with in Minneapolis and when we were on tour: Still Suit, Deathdrive, Sex Hair, Tacocat, Forever, Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Needlecraft, Chapstick, Half-Breed, Fancytramp, Eileen & the In-Betweens, Older Women, Crabapple, Sourpatch, Suzi Trash, Once a Pawn...

your 3 favorite colors:

Black (Liz), Grey (Corrie), Turquoise (Laura)

your 3 favorite dishes:

Curry (Liz), Arnold Palmer Iced Tea (Corrie), anything with tons of spinach and hummus (Laura)

your 3 favorite movies:

"Heavyweights" (Liz), the "Sex and the City" complete series boxset (Corrie), "The Shining" (Laura)

your 3 favorite books:

The Handmaiden’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (Liz), The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (Corrie), Stiff by Mary Roach (Laura)

your 3 favorite records:

Pussy Whipped by Bikini Kill (Liz), Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan (Corrie), Pretty on the Inside by Hole (Laura)

your 3 favorite venues:

Basements, house parties, and house parties in basements.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

Geeky coffee stuff (Liz), road trips (Corrie), riding bikes (Laura)

your favorite joke:

Cable news and badkidsjokes.tumblr.com

your 3 favorite animals:

Any and all cats (Liz), big dogs (Corrie), spiders (Laura)

3 things you totally need on stage:

A POSTIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, no shoes, and also Laura needs a hair binder otherwise her hair goes in her mouth and it’s gross.

3 wishes:

1. Radical intersectional feminist anti-capitalist decolonization. 2. Cake for everyone. 3. For that cake to be fair trade and organic.

what do you fight?

the patriarchy duh!

what’s your best song eva and why?:

It’s hard to pick one but I think our best stuff is on our most recent album where we are taking turns singing and writing lyrics. You can see that everyone has got different things to express but we are still all together in our intent and desires as a band. Laura’s song "at Queen", Corrie’s song "Famous Friends", and Liz’s song "Prey On" are really great examples of our individual expression. Otherwise it’s probably our oldest song called "Ice Cream" which is an ode to anti-capitalist food choices. NO CORPORATE FLAVORS!


Kitten Forever-Double Disco on megapeng
"Double Disco" is our second single off of our new double 7” LP, Pressure.

final words, wishes:




contact: Send all love letters and other inquiries here!!!




1. photo courtesy of Kitten Forever 2. photo courtesy of Kitten Forever 3. photo by Andrea Lund 4. photo by Alex Paetznick 5. photo by Rachel Nelson 6. photo courtesy of Kitten Forever 7. photo by Andrea Lund 8. photo by Andrea Lund 9. photo by Andrea Lund 10. photo by Andrea Lund



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