name of the band:

zdrada paŁki
(pronounciation: zdradah powkey)





band started:

end of 2010

where are you from:

i was born in szczecin and now i live in wrocŁaw.

instruments you use:

laptop. i make the beats with fruity loops studio. i'm self-thought. in other projects i also play guitar, keys and ukulele.

style of music:

eurodance, pop punk, kitsch punk, queer electro

band herstory:

our queer blockade got surrounded by the police during 2010 demonstration against nationalsit march. we were held there for hours and got terribly bored. we started singing an old punk song about masturbation. it was so fun, we decided to record our version. it was me, martyna k. and marta p. now zdrada paŁki has melted down to one person.

what’s your message?

go out and play! being creative is fun and the less professional your creation is, the better. you don't need much to start a band and express yourself. the punk scene needs some glitter and lightness. don't dream it be it!

do you play shows and how do they look like?

i do. i don't know how they look like. i never saw one. i always forget to ask someone to record it. that's why i don't even have many pictures from gigs. for me the shows are lot's of fun. the audience usually learns the lyrics quickly and sings along.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

it was this year in zhytomyr (ukraine). i went for a tour with 2 other "girlbands": ilinx and mira┼╝. it was 8 of us in a van. the gig in zhytomyr was the best because some locals actually learned the lyrics before (i was surprised they even knew my project). we sang everything together. after that we went to have a vegan barbecue and in the morning we bought a vegan birthday cake in a supermarket (yes! it's not possible in poland).

what was the worst and why?

it was the first time zdrada palki went to play in poznan. although we delivered the rider, there was no equipment at the venue. we even had to buy a microphone because they would not organise any. it was a disaster.

what are your future plans?

i am working on new songs for a second album and play at least two shows every month. my dream is to make a videoclip and have a photo-shoot. oh and maybe have more sounds and effects for fl studio. or learn to work with ableton live. that's it. i'm a simple person.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?


your 3 favorite bands:

oingo boingo, cipedrapskŁad, dresden dolls /it changes rapidly/

your 3 favorite colors:

violet, green, silver

your 3 favorite dishes:

watermelon, baked beans with tomato sauce, young beetroot leaves soup (botwinka)

your 3 favorite movies:

hair, beetlejuice, little shop of horrors

your 3 favorite books:

the master and margarita, alice's adventures in wonderland, the tin drum

your 3 favorite records:

evelyn evelyn, speak and spell, requiem

your 3 favorite venues:

druga fala in wroclaw (doesn't exist anymore), b* town in leipzig (doesn't exist anymore), virmenka cafe in lviv.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

skiing, inline-skating, languages

your favorite joke:

(normally you'd tell it with lots of body language...) there once lived a peasant, who worked in the field all day long. he would prepare his sandwiches, wrap them up and take them to the field. there he put the package in the shadow by the bush and went to work. at noon he would make a lunch break and eat his delicious sandwiches. but one day he came to the bush and saw there was no sandwiches there. "i must have forgotten them at home" - he thought and went on working hungry. the next day he made his sandwiches extra yummy. but the same thing happened: he came at noon and the sandwiches were gone. the peasant was hungry and furious! he swore he would catch the thief whatever it took. so the next day he put the sandwiches in the shadow and hid behind the bush with a scythe. he waited an hour, two hours and nothing happened. he waited three hours - still nothing. but then suddenly in the forth hour he noticed something in the sky. it was an eagle and it was slowly approaching the bush. when it was close the eagle suddenly started to nosedive and quickly took the package with the sandwiches. the peasant was startled for a moment. then he started to follow the eagle. when he reached the forrest he saw where the eagle had it's nest. he quietly started to climb a tree. when he was close enough, he saw that the eagle is heatedly tearing the package apart with it's claws. there goes the bag, there goes the paper. the eagles eyes burn in excitement. it starts to throw out everything from the inside of the sandwich. it tosses salad, tomato and cheese everywhere around. and then stops. looks at the two separated parts of the bun with desire and starts to rub them against his chest and repeats: "oooooh i'm so fucked up!".

your 3 favorite animals:

wombat, squirrel and laced moray

3 things you totally need on stage:

inspiration, free time

3 wishes:

1) everyone is vegan and noone is hurt because of human greed and stupidity.
2) i don't have to work and can spend all of my time on things i love (music, activism, travelling, meeting people),
3) we have some autonomous land somwhere for people who don't want to live with the rules of capitalist or religious or any other dictatorship. some kind of a free territory.

what do you fight?

the fact that i sleep too long and get up too late, mosquitos if they attack me, ridiculous social norms

what’s your best song eva and why?:

ament - it was written in 10 minutes (the beat and lyrics). it's very very simple (the beat and the lyrics). lots of people like it and the chorus is sometimes being shouted at demos.


Zdrada paŁki-w biegu on megapeng
"w biegu" this is a song about summer romance and being too busy, or too afraid to really have true feelings for someone.

final words, wishes:

i'm comming to london on 7 september. i wanted to play a show there, but noone would organise it. if you can't help me, come to hear me perform one song at duckie club in royal vauxhall tavern at midnight. the previous night i'm having a proper gig in edinburgh (pussy whipped at the wee red bar).



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