name of the band:

Kt Spit


Kt Spit



band started:


where are you from:

Sydney Australia

instruments you use:

JPx3p Synthesizer guitar soft synths, the internet, girlyness, my angst , my rage ;)

style of music:

femmedrone/hardcore pop

band herstory:

Well i’ve always been kt spit. Everyones called me that since forever. But i started this project that is the music im making right now..last september. i was at a crossroads in my life. Much like Britney Spear in the the movie Crossroads.I hadn’t been able to sleep all week and i was going crazy! Eventually i gave up trying to sleep i went to visit my best friend.We got high and ran around the city in the rain together all night until the sun came up. I’d been working really hard at that time and i hadn’t had fun or felt free like that in forever.When we got home i listened to all my most favorite pop songs and i fell asleep hearing new songs in my head. i started making them the next day and now i do it everyday:)

what’s your message?

sensitivity is powerful. softness is strong. empathy is worth it. (keep it real+ be kind + believe in love + push)

do you play shows and how do they look like?

I don’t know what they look like i wanna film one but theres been some annoying issue so far! ideally i would like them to be like there is this girl and she invites you to come looking into her bedroom window and she’s tripping and its crazy but she’s also being really real and vulnerable and sometimes you can see all the shit she sees and sometimes you can just see her.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

OK so definitely this squat show in an abandoned box factory warehouse in Iceland. All the power went out because someone was using it to power a dress made entirely of plasma balls! I had to do my whole set acapella while everyone in the audience used their phones to light me up. Halfway through someone found a box of sparkles and so there was all these sparkles going off while i was singing my saddest song. and then the power came back on and i did my last and happiest song and everyone danced. After i finished this hot amazing girl came up and and asked if she could take me outside and make out with me in the snow.I said yes and it turned out to be Divine who was headlining the show!!!!!!..... ;)

what was the worst and why?

OH SHIT. Ok this wasnt a Kt spit show but one time i started a noise pop band with my bff Emily Hasselhoof who is an insanely talented artist and musician and we played a show that was just punk bands and us. We both had our periods and were really grumpy.We’d made a cd (ahaha this is so long ago) of our backing track but we forgot the adaptors to plug it into the di. So we had to play our backing track thru the pub sound system rather than the pa :( Our friend had to sit way in the back of the venue next to the sound system and skip the tracks for us. Also I had thought it would be really funny if we built a big tower out of boxes on stage and decorated it like a giant computer but we ended up just gathering a bunch of boxes from the markets across the road and scattering them on the stage :/ .i just remember this sea of people with their arms crossed standing there looking so so confused. By the end we were just singing/screaming “Aaron..stop the cd..please aaron stop it please make it stop” It was awful. i still meet people who were there and they are still confused.

what are your future plans?

i wanna collaborate lots and lots. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by all the talent, magic, politics and ideas that i am right now.I wanna make lots of videos.I wanna make an album really quick before there is no such thing as albums anymore.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

im going for the MAMMOTH d.i.y deal

your 3 favorite bands:

ummm ok im gonna answer these ones real fast
-Sonic Youth
-Throbbing Gristle (especially right now because i m obsessed with the art of Genisis P’orridge and Cosi Fanni Tuttit)

your 3 favorite colors:

blue pink and yellow

your 3 favorite dishes:

pizza, strawberries, roast

your 3 favorite movies:

Daisies by Vera Chytilová
Housesitter with Goldie hawn
Jurassic Park with jeff Goldblum

your 3 favorite books:

i never read books but Holly Childs from melbourne is my favorite writer. and she is writing a book and i will read it.

your 3 favorite records:

Girls in the Garage Compilation- 1-8
Kanye west- my deep dark twisted fantasy
Belinda Carlisle- Runaway Horses

your 3 favorite venues:

the drainway in the Dreamworld waiting video and The Red Rattler in Sydney and my bedroom.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

decorating couches, karaoke , cartoons, dancing, sexting, pampering my vegetable patch, skydiving ;)

your favorite joke:

Every time i try to answer this question i end up just making a really bad joke :(

your 3 favorite animals:

tribbles, lol cats, siphonophores

3 things you totally need on stage:

the perfect outfit, a microphone.. everything else is a bonus.

3 wishes:

love /love /love

what do you fight?


what’s your best song eva and why?:

Its called Hope st but i can’t say why because its a secret :)


KT Spit-Little Bugs on megapeng
This song "little Bugs" is is the bside to the song “dreamworld" waiting (let me know) which is the song in the video link. Its directed by the amazing Samuel Shanahoy <3

final words, wishes:

I love u megapeng!



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