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name of the band:

Mary Ocher


Mary Ocher



band started:

at the age of 11, but performing only since the
age of 20.

where are you from:

lotsa places. born in moscow, grew up in tel aviv, currently based in berlin.

instruments you use:

vocals, guitar, keys

style of music:

weird theatrical folk, garage-punk and tad of psychobilly

band history:

started performing solo more or less when the first line up of my band (mary and the baby cheeses) dissolved, in early 2008

what’s your message?

trying to cope with being an outcast in a very conservative and narrow minded society

do you play shows and how do they look like?

yep, anything between one show to four or five a week. sometimes in clubs, sometimes in bars, art galleries or busking on the streets, next to markets or fairs. they’re all very different, depending on the crowd. I’m very good at making them angry at times, confronting them with ideas that they can’t stand. sometimes they’re embracing. but you never know.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

that’s a tough one... since there were so many!
there was one at 4 in the morning for a drunk and stoned crowd that was expecting electronic dance music, and there i was, a protest singer with an acoustic guitar. some of them tried to listen, but it seemed pointless altogether really.

what was the worst and why?

the worst? for a crowd of 50 people who were all eating and talking. not a single person was paying attention to the fact that i was singing right in front of them. and the place didn’t even pay me, they used some ridiculous excuse "we only pay bands, we don’t pay singer-songwriters!", i know for a fact it was a lie (the place’s called Wendel and it’s a bar in Kreuzberg, go and throw shit at them!)

what are your future plans?

world domination! haha!
playing for larger crowds, at festivals perhaps. though i can’t imagine that really. every time i play for hundreds instead of dozens the responses are mixed. very mixed.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

something in between. i can’t see the majors ever supporting something this weird and milking it for cash, they wouldn’t know how to market it. so i;m forced to work with the small and independent ones, who seem to really care about the music

your 3 favorite bands:

sparks, david bowie (he’s not really a band) and hmp... alberta hunter (nope, she’s not a band either). you only want 3, right?

your 3 favorite colors:

the color of disappointment (neon green)
the color of a certain hope (silver)
and the color of being misunderstood (blank)

your 3 favorite dishes:

i can’t think of any particular food right now, but i can say which are my least favorite things - anything with coconut milk or ginger!

your 3 favorite movies:

2001: A Space Odyssey
The Tulse Luper Suitcases.

your 3 favorite books:

alice in wonderland
The picture of dorian gray.

your 3 favorite records:

transformer - lou reed
a season of glass - yoko ono
here come the warm jets - brian eno.

your 3 favorite venues:

white trash- berlin, sidewalk cafe- nyc, and the forest - edinburgh.
the first and the last because of the interior design, the second - for the people.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

sleeping (which is new)
cycling past beautiful people on the street
discovering great music.

your 3 favorite animals:


3 things you totally need on stage:

a mic
a guitar
a roland mobile cube

3 wishes:

to put an end to all sorts of discriminations and fear of others, eliminate hierarchies and learn to like ourselves just the way we are.

what do you fight?

all of the above.

what’s your best song eva and why?:

On the streets of hard labor, possibly.


it’s "the sound of war", it’s very wordy and rather monotonous and will be on "war songs" which will be released possibly already in December on Haute Areal.

mary ocher - sound of war on megapeng

final words, wishes:









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