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name of the band:



beastie mcbeast the 1st


infinity point foreva

band started:

when i fell out a black hole 1 year ago

where are you from:

deep in a tropical jungle filled with snacks and
other magical shit located in osaka australia

instruments you use:

computer, sampler or midipad, toys, keboards, spring reverb

style of music:

bubble junk rap attack meets miami vice meets bleepy tropical disko meets a rabbit called steve

band history:

torn from my best-friend by the cruel hands of fate i fell into a black hole, opened my eyes and saw a jungle, made some friends, wrote some music, harnessed the power of the beast and took it from there

what's your message?

make friends with yr inner beast. give it a hat and some pants, and let it free.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

first i have to awaken a mystical slumbering beast through lullabies and chants. then i borrow his head and this awesome power runs through my body makes me feel funny. this translates into song. the beast glows and flashes a lot and is very colourful. sometimes his innards explode on the stage and out into the audience. i wear a holographic jumpsuit to compliment the beast. after a while the beast gets angry and starts to scream so i have to give him back his head.

what was the craziest show you've ever played ?

once i collaborated with a guy called ka4u - i decided to play the drums but one song into the gig i realised that i sucked, so i asked if someone else could play. this lovely bloke from a band called oshiri pen pen (bottom spank spank) played and i rapped and ka4u played keys and it was a power jam from the bowels of the goddess

what was the worst and why?

probably when i played drums for that one song. or when i once gave the audience unicorn horns to wear and they all snapped and nearly maimed people.

what are your future plans?

to make a concept album about the magical jungle where the beast is from

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

diy 4 evs

your 3 favorite bands:

the knife

your 3 favorite colors:

purple, holographic silver, gold

your 3 favorite dishes:

kushi katsu (vegies deep fried in batter with a ’special’ sauce)
pumpkin and leek soup

your 3 favorite movies:

the labyrinth
teen witch
haus (great japanese teen horror flick with a cool silver-haired cannibal grandma)

your 3 favorite books:

hating alison ashley
a scanner darkly
mother night

your 3 favorite records:

deep cuts by the knife
zoolook by jean michel jarre
message by grandmaster flash and the furious five

your 3 favorite venues:

discobeans in melbourne australia
chika ikkai in osaka japan
this cave in gothenburg sweden- it's a real rave cave!!!!

your 3 favorite hobbies:

making accessories
writing comedic murder mysteries
making music

your 3 favorite animals:

lion rabbits

3 things you totally need on stage:

my beast
spooky lighting

3 wishes:

happiness 4 everyone
several teleporters
superman's house

what do you fight?

my growing obsession for disney tween movies

what's your best song eva and why?:

pushi the kushi, because it has a chorus of yapping dogs and it is about my fave food


Beastcream-ExterminAPE on megapeng

this is a collaboration with ovenaxx and a remix of a monster zoku onsomb song exterminAPE

final words, wishes:

love yr monster


BEASTCREAM on myspace