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name of the band:



* Sarah Davies (Synth, Sequenzer, Vox)
* Sarah Bock/SEZZ (Keytar, Midi, Laptop, Vox)


26 and 37

band started:

April  2005

where are you from:

as a band we are from Sydney

instruments you use:

Korg Electribe EA1, Nord Lead 1, Korg RMKII,
Abelton Live software, UC33 Evolution
midi controler and Yamaha SHS10 Keytar

style of music:

queer upbeat electro noise pop

band history:

Presseject is an all-girl all-star all-electro duo who sprang out of the sydney DIY-chick scene some 4 years ago. We met at a chick punk DIY gig called Scooter that organises chick-centric shows and has inspired many bands, zines and girl-music-festivals among other things... We were keen to play live girl electro and we still are!

what's your message?

Presseject is inspired by a girl-driven tech electro universe. The two members of presseject write, record and mix all their own music. Our message is that girls are top teks and that DIY can be suave, shiny and electro as well as fun and rotten.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

We play shows! we are pretty good looking, but our instruments look even better... it looks like 2 girls getting down pressings buttons, keys, move faders pots and generally rocking out to our great sound. We are not a play-back band. There is an element of chaos that we thrive on.

what was the craziest show you've ever played ?

Hmm... probably the night we flew into Singapore on our way to Europe 2 yrs ago. We stopped over in singapore for one night and played at a Girl DJ night called Pop my Cherry in a ridiculously tiny room. Everyone was really really into house music, and then we plugged in and played electro pop. Luckily we flew out the next morning and never had to deal with the consequenses!

what was the worst and why?

probably the singapore one... (^o^)...

what are your future plans?

world domination

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

We are totally the diy type. Luckily we have jobs that are flexible and earn us money when we need money so we can play music for fun. But, i admire anyone (especially girls) who aspires to the big deal in such a fucked up music industry. Maybe its a bit better in Berlin, but its hard in Australia to earn money off your music and have integrity at the same time. 

your 3 favorite bands:

kraftwerk, britney spears, somatic responses

your 3 favorite colors:

orange, light blue and red

your 3 favorite dishes:

gnocchi, chocolate and cucumber/mint salad. (actually that would work really well together as a meal... hmmm...)

your 3 favorite movies:

movies take too long. We could write an album in 2 hours...

your 3 favorite records:

100m sprint, 200m freestyle and long jump.

your 3 favorite venues:

Red Rattler (Sydney), The Street (Wellington), Schokoladen (Berlin)

your 3 favorite hobbies:

Making jam and bread to have while playing music and listening to depeche mode together

your 3 favorite animals:

the bee that we just killed while writing this interview, the dung beetle and the walrus

3 things you totally need:

electricity, sarah bock and sarah davies

3 wishes:

don't waste time wishing - make it happen!

what do you fight?

we fight over basslines ;) Then we make up and write a better one.

what's your best song eva and why?:

our new one of course - its always the current favourite. We just wrote one about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva. It's so hot right now to collide particles at the speed of light.

mpFREE's: (right click, save as...)

Presseject-atm lady
Regional Centre 

ATM Lady

Leather Jacket
Press eject

final words, wishes:

megapeng is awesome!


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