name of the band:

Ste McCabe


Ste McCabe!
Although sometimes my cats jam with me (true!).



band started:

Solo – 2006. My band before then – 1999.

where are you from:

Liverpool, England, home of The Beatles and
a famous football player called Steven Gerrard
who used to laugh at me and call me a poof.

instruments you use:

Electric guitar, drum machines and a synth.

style of music:

Cheaply made poppy punk with a touch of very minimal electro.

band history:

I had a band called Stephen Nancy between 1999 – 2002. I had a break for a bit and bought a drum machine in 2005, so I started playing on my own with just a guitar and drum machine. I don’t like to rely on anyone with music, so I always play and write by myself.

what’s your message?

Shit, I have too many! I like to take the piss out of bigots and make fun of them with my music. I’m a working class feminist gay boy and this runs through most of what I do. I learned to play guitar solely as an instrument to abuse nasty homophobes, but I write about anything I want to really. Some people like what I say, some people say I’m a mean because I've sang/talked/written about it when religious people promote hate against queers and women. That last point has got me into trouble, but mostly with idiots, so I don’t care.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

Yes I play lots of gigs across the UK and sometimes further across Europe. My shows are nothing fancy - I don't put on a show. It’s just me singing, playing guitar, pressing buttons on my drum machines/laptop and shaking my bum.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

I played a great queer show in France last year, it all went really well until there was a lesbian riot in the club afterwards. There was a lot of screaming in French! I'm sure I've played crazier shows than that, but I forget...

what was the worst and why?

The worst ones are usually where the sound is crap and people think I'm mad. That happens a lot though! A more interesting bad one I played was outdoors after an anti-homophobia march in Manchester. My support act was 6 people performing yoga. The marchers all left the park after the march and the “audience” I was left with my 8 friends, a homeless man who kept giving me weird hologram pictures, and a dog who kept barking at me. I could go on - I have almost a decade's worth of these horror stories to tell…

what are your future plans?

I am recording my 3 rd album this month, which will be released on Manchester’s amazing Cherryade Records in late October. I will then tour across Europe. I will definitely be playing in France, UK, Poland and Slovenia, and I’m waiting to see what else I get offered! I am also organising a queer-feminist music festival in Edinburgh for this September, with part of the collective Pussy Whipped. We put on pro-queer and pro-female shows in Edinburgh and have lovely times!

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

Haha, well I can’t see any major record label looking at me and thinking “Hmmm, a fiercely political gay man in his 30’s with drum machines and backing tracks instead of a proper band. That’s a seller!” So yes, I am of course the DIY type, because I’d have to do something completely different to be a big seller, and what I’d have to do would be so far removed from the reasons I make music that it would be pointless. I’d rather work in a bank than do that, I’d feel less compromised.

your 3 favorite bands:

Oh I don’t know, so many! Okay, I will try…..
Le Tigre, The Smiths, and Shampoo. I hope I sound like these 3 combined, but people just say I sound like the Buzzcocks. I got bored of this comparison in 2001.

your 3 favorite colors:

Pink, Purple and blue.

your 3 favorite dishes:

Pizza, chips with curry and my boyfriend Lukasz's home made tarka dhal.

your 3 favorite movies:

Who’s That Girl?, Beautiful Thing and The Exorcist.

your 3 favorite books:

Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters, Leibe Macht Frei by Janni Kowalski (EVERYBODY should read this - a bio from a transgender WW2 survivor with the most interesting story ever) and maybe a trashy Stephen King horror.

your 3 favorite records:

The Queen is Dead by The Smiths, Julie Ruin by Julie Ruin and any 80’s Madonna record (yes I’m a cliché, what can I do? I hate Kylie though, does that make up for it?).

your 3 favorite venues:

Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh. This is where we put our Pussy Whipped nights. It has lovely staff, great sound people and friendly crowds.
The Chameleon in Nottingham is great also, it’s totally run down and with a real punk rock atmosphere. The owner is hilariously offensive without meaning to be, for instance saying to my (Polish) boyfriend “Polish girls don’t mind doing the rubbish jobs in Britain, they like cleaning old ladies arses!”.
Oh and Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, it's where the radical queer times are at.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

Organising gigs is kind of a hobby, watching Prisoner Cell Block H, and drinking gin.

your favorite joke:

The UK government. Actually, that's probably my least favourite joke.

your 3 favorite animals:

big cats, medium cats, and little cats.

3 things you totally need on stage:

Drum machine, guitar and cigarettes (for making music in my bedroom)

3 wishes:

For our disgusting, working class-hating UK government to just die, to get a mini pinscher dog, and as I'm a fairly happy person, I'd say to keep being fairly happy!

what do you fight?

Narrow-minded, cliquey ideas of what it means to be an underground queer or a mainstream gay (I don't fit in with any of these scenes really), homo/bi/transphobia (obviously, did I mention that?), and rubbish DIY promoters who rip bands off.

what’s your best song eva and why?:

Probably my most popular is “Huyton Scum”, even though I'm bored of it as I've been playing it live every fortnight it for 5 years now. It has the line “He don't like the queers, queers make him sick, even the ones he forces to go down to suck his dick”. It's about the horrible, hateful trash I grew up with in Liverpool. It's a song that some middle-class hippies think is anti-working class. So I can't sing about being my experiences being working class anymore without upsetting some middle class people, who sometimes think all marginalised people are total fucking angels who can't help it when they're being nasty, evil shits.


Ste McCabe-I ve got a big car on megapeng

This is called “I've Got a Big Car”. It's a one minute song about those sad men in cars who beep their horns at women on the street whilst playing bad 90's house music. "Hey baby, you're hot!! Let's get it on, bitch!"

final words, wishes:

You're lovely!



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