name of the band:

Dani Shivers


Dani Shivers


it’s a secret

band started:


where are you from:

Tijuana Mexico

instruments you use:

Vintage keyboards, toys, glockenspiel and magic.

style of music:

Spooky pop

band history:

Dani Shivers started one day I was like super sick in bed I thought I was gonna die! My voice was totally gone, I had been like that for almost two months, completely mute. The dr. said it was psychological so I got super sad and started skipping school to stay home and sleep. I was so bored and scared I started making songs with the instruments I had in my room, they were musical toys and vintage casios , some old, some new acquisitions. When I made my first song I was hooked, i couldn’t get out of my room it was so much fun inventing melodies. When I got to my 5th song or so I knew it was time to get out of bed and go to school or get out of bed and go to my friend’s house and record them. That’s how “Jinx” my first record was born.

what’s your message?

To have fun embracing your fears.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

I do play shows, I really love it actually, I try to make it as theatrical as I can, with the help of props and lighting and fun stuff.

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

uhhh i know this one! it was one time in San Diego California at a place called RED ROOM.
When my friends and I got there it was all decorated like if you were entering hell, even the music was hella spooky, there was a black magician doing dark magic and people were dressed like demons, was awesome. Halloween shows are very special for me because it’s my favorite time of the year!

what was the worst and why?

I think my worst show so far was this one time I played in Pachuca, Hidalgo. The road trip was so much fun but when we got there the amps and PA were destroyed! and I couldn’t hear the beats and I was like so embarrassed. I only played like 4 songs because I wanted to go and lock myself and cry backstage LOL.

what are your future plans?

Save a lot of money and move to a different city or country, I also want to make horror movies.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

Big deal ! yeah why not n.n

your 3 favorite bands:

1- Mew
2- Placebo
3- The sundays

your 3 favorite colors:

1- Black
2- Purple
3- Pink

your 3 favorite dishes:

1- Spaghetti
2- chilli cheese dogs
3- ice cream

your 3 favorite movies:

Only 3? Aww u.u
1- Ginger snaps (John Fawcet)
2- The fifth Element (Luc Besson)
3- Kynodontas (Giorgos Lanthimos)

your 3 favorite books:

1- Cupcakes Galore- Gail Wagman
2- The Witch Book- Raymond Buckland
3- The Witches magical handbook- Gavin Frost, Yvonne Frost

your 3 favorite records:

1- Without you I’m nothing (Placebo)
2- Frengers (Mew)
3- Static and silence (The Sundays)

your 3 favorite venues:

1- Salon Hecho- Manhattan, NY
2- The Tin Can Ale house- San Diego, California
3- Caradura -Mexico City

your 3 favorite hobbies:

1- Make music
2- Watch horror films
3- Shopping <3

your favorite joke:

I don’t know any jokes

your 3 favorite animals:

1- Kittens
2- Baby orangutans
3- Chupacabras

3 things you totally need on stage:

2- Casiotone mt28
3- Casiotone mt40

3 wishes:

I wish a new Mexican Revolution
I wish to be forever young
I wish to have a farm with many happy animals

what do you fight?

1- Boredom
2- Love
3- Vampires

what’s your best song eva and why?:



Dani Shivers-Jinx on megapeng

This song was one of the last songs I wrote for my first record “Jinx”. I decided to name it ‘Jinx’ the same as the record because I think it’s the perfect song to resume the whole album. I wrote it thinking of my fear to die but also in death as the beginning of something beautiful.

final words, wishes:




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