name of the band:

Cat Bear Tree


Zoe Konez (guitar, vocals)
Claudia Mansaray (bass, vocals)
Sarah Smith (drums, vocals)


Whatever we feel on the day.

band started:

We started the band two years ago
but we’ve been playing live less than
a year. 

where are you from:

We all live in South London,
United Kingdom.

instruments you use:

Bass, drums, guitar and voices. 

style of music:

indie/pop/riot grrrl-tinged

band history:

Claudia and Zoe met and jammed together. They had ideas of starting a music project made up of female musicians. Then Zoe asked Sarah to come along and play drums. It all just clicked into place from day one. We’ve all been in bands before and it’s rare that you meet a bunch of other musicians that you get on incredibly well with, have a genuine laugh with, feel comfortable to take the mick out of each other and also write good songs together. We're pretty new, but we’ve had a great response already from the gigs we've played and the couple of tracks we've put online. We're really looking forward to playing more gigs all over the place and the release of our debut EP in 2013. 

what’s your message?

We don’t really have one definite message, but our ethos is to enjoy ourselves all the time, to show it in the way we perform and to share it with the people who listen to our music.

do you play shows and how do they look like?

Yeah we like to play gigs as often as possible. We put a lot in to our performances. We love connecting with our audience. Come see us to experience it!

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

We recently played a gig, dressed as skeletons. We made our own costumes. It was actually our best gig to date. We had so much fun, that for about ten minutes we considered dressing wildly and strangely at every gig!

what was the worst and why?

The worst gig was probably when the sound guy asked us all for our hands in marriage. We thought this would mean he'd give us a great sound for the gig but instead he put a giant echo on our voices which sounded completely insane!

what are your future plans?

We just want to get our music out to as many people as possible, playing live and putting out songs. We went on a road trip recently to play a festival, which was a lot of fun. So it would be really great to tour one day. We also want to get back into the studio in 2013 and record some of the new songs we’ve been working on. Our sound has really developed since we last recorded.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

We're pretty d.i.y. We all get involved in making decisions and getting things done and it’s worked well so far. Saying that though…a big deal wouldn't be the worst thing in the world!

your 3 favorite bands:

It’s hard to choose just three as between us we have a pretty diverse taste in music. But on this day we shall say Sleater-Kinney, Warpaint, and Electrelane.

your 3 favorite colors:

Zoe – Red, Claudia – blue, Sarah – purple

your 3 favorite dishes:

Zoe - Chip shop chips,
Claudia – my gran’s macaroni cheese,
Sarah - curry (Balti)

your 3 favorite movies:

Zoe – Coneheads,
Claudia – Napoleon Dynamite,
Sarah - Little Miss Sunshine  

your 3 favorite books:

Zoe - currently reading 17 by Bill Drummond,
Claudia – Colors Insulting to Nature by Cintra Wilson,
Sarah - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime by Mark Haddon

your 3 favorite records:

Zoe - Glassjaw 'Worship & Tribute',
Claudia - Jeff Buckley ‘Grace’,
Sarah - Thin Lizzy 'Sarah' - lol

your 3 favorite venues:

Of the ones we have played together, it’s probably Brixton Windmill, Nozstock festival and O2 Islington Academy.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

Having practices and writing songs, playing gigs, going to gigs and watching other bands. That may be more than three….

your favorite joke:

Sarah has a rubbish joke! What do you call something that’s red and fluffy? Red fluff. What do you call something that’s blue and fluffy? Red fluff holding its breath! Erm seems we’re not funny at all!! How about, knock knock...who's there....Cat Bear Tree!

your 3 favorite animals:

Cat Bear, Oh wait...PLUG?

3 things you totally need on stage:

1) Better equipment than what we have right now!
2) More time to play music
3) The Hoverboard in Back to the Future.

3 wishes:

World peace, animal liberation and a world free of discrimination and racism.

what do you fight?

We fight preconceptions about women who play music, because yes there are still lots of bigots out there. We fight against boring bands, playing boring gigs. 

what’s your best song eva and why?:

We love all our children equally.


Cat Bear Tree - Masqueraders on megapeng

This track is called Masqueraders and it’s one of the first songs that we wrote together. It’s kind of political. It’s about greedy big business people, being two-faced and people high up wielding their power.

final words, wishes:

You should Like Cat Bear Tree. We like you.



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