name of the band:

The Super Cutes


Maddy Boom and Spensaur Cooper


26 and 27, respectively

band started:

Fall 2004

where are you from:

San Francisco Bay Area (by way of Olympia,

instruments you use:

Guitar, bass guitar, drum machine, tambourine, shaker, glockenspiel, melodica.

style of music:

Electro Twee Pop

band history:

Spensaur posted on Livejournal that he was offering a ride to the "Tilly and the Wall" / "Rilo Kiley" concert in Seattle. Maddy needed a ride. They bonded in the car over a mutual love for "Go Sailor" and other various riot grrl / twee pop bands. That night they said "let's start a band!"

what’s your message?

With all the hardships in life don't you wish everything could just be super cute?

do you play shows and how do they look like?

We play shows but not as often as we'd like to. Usually we play house shows and really small venues. All we really care about is that we have fun!

what was the craziest show you’ve ever played ?

Actually we're not all that crazy, unless you count Maddy's love life.

what was the worst and why?

It was in 2006 at the college we attended in Olympia. We played an outdoor show at noon, the day after Spensaur graduated. He was pretty hungover. And Maddy was wearing a giant silver dollar sign necklace. We didn't even use the drum machine yet... It was pretty rough!

what are your future plans?

Maddy moved to Southern California but we've lived far away from each other before and we've always found a way to make it work.

are you going for the big deal or are you more the d.i.y. type?

Definitely D.I.Y. but we're kind of a big deal...

your 3 favorite bands:

Operation Ivy, Go Sailor, and Hannah Montana (before she was popular.)

your 3 favorite colors:

Black, dark grey, and purple

your 3 favorite dishes:

Olive plates, square shaped pasta bowls, and David Hasselhoff commemorative plates.

your 3 favorite movies:

"Requiem for a Vampire," "From Justin to Kelly," and "Battle Royale."

your 3 favorite books:

Spensaur doesn't read. Maddy loves "Ender's Game," "The Giver," and "The Series of Unfortunate Events" tricadecology.

your 3 favorite records:

"Rock Action" by Mogwai, "Kerplunk" by Green Day, and the "Short Music for Short People" comp.

your 3 favorite venues:

The Manium in Olympia (RIP,) The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and Bottom of the Hill, also in SF.

your 3 favorite hobbies:

Looking up pictures of cute animals on the interwebs, geocaching, and being awkward when we talk to each other on the phone.

your favorite joke:

Why do elephants paint their toenails red? ... To hide in cherry trees... Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree? (Response: No.) Works pretty well!

your 3 favorite animals:

Ocelots, fennecs, and fat ugly bulldogs.

3 things you totally need on stage:

Ample amounts of sleep, smoke breaks, and some instruments might be nice.

3 wishes:

Spensaur wishes that he could make music all the time and not have to work. Maddy wishes that she could live at Disneyland. Our band wish is that we could have hundreds of kittens on stage with us when we play.

what do you fight?

We combat negativity with cute-itivity. We're also not big fans of stupid people or when really good comic books are turned into really bad movies.

what’s your best song eva and why?:

"Dreamdream" because the beat is so cute that we use it as each other's ringtones. Also because it mentions dinosaurs.



The Super Cutes-Bubble Tea on megapeng

final words, wishes:

Zwieback, zydeco, and zygote.



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